Life as a non-prime millennial consumer means more debt and less financial confidence, with the majority of these consumers living paycheck to paycheck.

Nearly 60% (58%) of non-prime millennials live from one paycheck to the next, according to the Millennials’ Day-to-day Finances: The Non-Prime Experience released today by Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class.

It follows that non-prime millennials are also more likely to run out of money before the end of the month, something about 40% of them do at least every other month according to the study of about 1,200 American millennials.

That’s not to say prime millennials are totally exempt from financial pressures —27% of prime millennial consumers are living paycheck to paycheck as well, according to the survey — but these consumers at least seem to have more financial confidence.

24% of prime millennials stated that they worried about expenses “all of the time” compared to 49% of non-prime millennials. Additionally, 73% of these prime consumers reported they were “good at dealing with day-to-day financial matters” compared to 48% of their non-prime counterparts.


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