The Center for the New Middle Class will advocate for the customer at the local and national governmental levels, within industries and trade groups, and with individual companies.

Our outreach and research only become truly valuable when we present them to decision makers. We advocate for policies that help build credit for the new middle class and ease the burdens of a bad credit score. The struggles that come with income volatility and lack of security savings are often misunderstood by decision makers at the local, state and federal level. We take the message to them.

Who We Advocate To:

  • Federal Decisions Makers and their staff in Washington
  • State Decision Makers and their staff
  • Local Decision Makers and their staff
  • Think tanks and third party stakeholders

Center for the New Middle Class x University of Georgia

At the Center for the New Middle Class, our mission is to continually collect and publish data to better understand non-prime Americans. Over the past four years, we have collected more than 20,000 consumer surveys, tracking 50 metrics that encompass household consumer finance. Now, the Center is getting the chance to grow those insights. In a new collaboration with The University of Georgia’s Department

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grayscale photography of boy using miter saw

The Unintended Consequences of Interest Rate Caps: An Interview with Amir Fekrazad

Interest rate caps have a long history of capturing the imagination of politicians. Politicians rightly want to protect average citizens from abusive practices. The issue seems to have no political downsides. After all, no one likes borrowing money and no one lines up to defend lenders. Usury laws have been argued for thousands of years. Early Western culture seized on the idea that loaning

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