The Center for the New Middle Class will advocate for the customer at the local and national governmental levels, within industries and trade groups, and with individual companies.

Our outreach and research only become truly valuable when we present them to decision makers. We advocate for policies that help build credit for the new middle class and ease the burdens of a bad credit score. The struggles that come with income volatility and lack of security savings are often misunderstood by decision makers at the local, state and federal level. We take the message to them.

Who We Advocate To:

  • Federal Decisions Makers and their staff in Washington
  • State Decision Makers and their staff
  • Local Decision Makers and their staff
  • Think -tank and third party stakeholders

How We Advocate for Consumers

The Individual is what matters: We advocate for individuals and households. We do not advocate for companies or Industries. We will only advocate for solutions that preserve the dignity of the individual. We believe in people’s ability to make choices on their own. We do not believe companies, industries, or governments are better equipped to decide what is good for individuals. We believe that

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Our Position on Government Regulation

There is a role for government regulation We believe responsible regulation is necessary so long as it promotes transparency, good governance, and defends the rights of individuals. We do not support regulation that erodes choice, eliminates options, and prevents the freedom of trade. We believe the financial lives of Americans are deeply embedded in other policies and affects almost every part of a household

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