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Throughout the month of March, the Center for the New Middle Class posted one financial tip each day. These tips were geared to help anyone improve their finances – no matter their current financial situation. Take a look below to read all the good advice our team came up with. Follow us on Twitter (@NewMIdClass) to get the latest from the CNMC.

CNMC Tip A Day March:

February 26: Next week, we will be sharing on financial tip each day for the entire month of March! What are some of your tried and true financial tips and tricks? Share them with us and we may tweet them out later this month!

March 1: When creating a budget, align your finances with your values – it will lead to greater happiness in your life! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 2: There are a lot of different debt repayment strategies, such as Snowball, or Avalanche. Choose the one that works best for you! The important thing is to get started. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 3: President Obama once said, “Better is good”. Don’t let “perfect” get in the way of improving your finances. Take a step in the right direction! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 4: If possible, automize your bill payments. It will save you from forgetfulness and late fees! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 5: Take a look at your credit cards. If possible, eliminate any unused cards that have unnecessary annual fees! That money year by year can add up. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 6: When budgeting, plan to build an emergency fund – and don’t be afraid to use it when you experience unexpected expenses. That is what it is there for! #CNMCTipoftheday

March 7: If you are experiencing financial problems, diagnose the issue. Is it a spending or income issue? That can help you more effectively resolve your problem. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 8: Looking to improve your credit score? Try decreasing your credit utilization, ANY drop will help! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 9: Do you have kids in your house? Teach them simple lessons on personal finances. It’s never too young to teach financial literacy! #CNMCTipofthday

March 10: Looking to establish a good credit history? Become an authorized user on a credit card with good repayment history! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 11: Take a look at your credit report, dispute any inaccuracies you may see. It doesn’t matter how small! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 12: Day late on your credit card bill? Don’t worry, Past due bills only impact your credit score after 30 days. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 13: When setting a budget, be realistic and set your priorities. This is the best way to stick to a budget, remain reasonable from the start! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 14: Want to check out your credit report? You are entitled to a free credit report each year from the three major credit bureaus. Space them out throughout the year to monitor your score! #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 15: A good way to begin saving for retirement is to enroll in a company 401(k) plan if they offer it! Many companies will even match your contribution. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 16: Avoid unnecessary charges by keeping an eye on your bank fees! Small fees here and there can add up. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 17: When managing your monthly finances, prioritize building a savings. It will help you more in the long term having a healthy financial cushion. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 18: Invest in a financial literacy course. Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” CNMCTipoftheDay

March 19: Sometimes putting off an expense makes it worse, prioritize paying your bills as you get them. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 20: Feel free to speak openly with your partner and family about finances. 35% of all couples experience financial stress, and open communication can help ease that stress. https://www.newmiddleclass.org/marriage-and-money/

March 21: When signing for a loan or getting a new credit card – read the fine print. Know what you are agreeing to, before you are bound to it. (Especially look for unexpected fees!) #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 22: During the holiday season, be wary of the sales and deals. People who look for sales to save money are more likely to blow their budgets. #CNMCTipoftheDay https://www.newmiddleclass.org/how-youll-overspend-this-holiday-november-2018/

March 23: Take a look at your credit cards- are there any points or rewards your missing out on? Take full advantage of those benefits. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 24: It is never too early or too late to start saving. Invest in your retirement and savings now and your future self will thank you. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 25: If you are struggling to stick to budget or are confused about your finances – ask a family member or a friend. Don’t be afraid of judgement. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 26: If you have a variable income, a monthly budget may not work. Focus on cash flow management instead – it could be much more effective in managing your finances. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 27: Moving to a new place? Try to negotiate rent or utilities. Take a look here for some tricks to lower those monthly bills. #CNMCTipoftheDay https://rentalsecrets.net/

March 28: When thinking of your finances, look forward. Focus on paying your bills now, and forget past mistakes.  #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 29: Pay yourself first! If you receive a raise, increase your savings before you increase your spending. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 30: Struggling with overspending? Take one minute each day to look over your bank accounts and credit cards. It will put into perspective your finances, and you can re-prioritize your budget. #CNMCTipoftheDay

March 31: Last tip of the day! Don’t forget to celebrate the small victories – each bill paid off is a win! #CNMCTipoftheDay

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