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CNMC's Mission

Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class provides research, suggestions, and assistance for America’s non-prime consumers and engages in dialogue with thought-leaders and policy-makers in order to improve American’s financial resilience.


Through research to better understand the needs and challenges of customers, we’ve identified compelling information and common misconceptions about this growing market.

Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class researches consumer behaviors and identifies the unique needs of non-prime Americans. Our goal is to understand their financial challenge and encourage engagement, dialogue, sharing of information
and cooperation between policymakers, consumer advocates, media, academics, and the general public to better serve the New Middle Class.

Why? Because we believe the New Middle Class is worth fighting for.

CNMC's Approach

Research – Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class conducts primary research to better understand this growing consumer group.

Outreach – We believe in sharing what we learn and look for opportunities to engage and discuss with individuals and organizations who have an interest in this important consumer segment.

Advocacy – We advocate for the customer at the local and national governmental levels, within industries and trade groups, and with individual companies. We are focused on providing research and insights to help decision makers with policies that help build credit for the new middle class and ease the burdens of a bad credit score.

The New Middle Class

The New Middle Class is a growing group of productive credit-constrained Americans generally described as subprime or non-prime, having credit scores below 700 and little or no savings. This subprime — or non-prime status — prevents access to traditional lending products, meaning this group of approximately 160 million Americans are generally limited to expensive forms of credit or no credit at all and have few options to meet their immediate financial needs.

Non-prime consumers are teachers, engineers, nurses, insurance agents, marketing coordinators, and entrepreneurs. They watch their credit score closely and conscientiously look for opportunities to improve. We are here to understand their challenges and behavior to improve their financial resilience.

Who Is ELevate

Elevate is disrupting the non-prime lending space by providing responsible online credit solutions. Our innovative products provide immediate relief to customers today, while helping them build a brighter financial future.

Together, with our bank partners, we have originated $10 billion in non-prime credit to more than 2.7 million non-prime consumers to date and have saved our customers more than $6.5 billion versus the cost of payday loans. We are committed to rewarding borrowers’ good financial behavior with features like interest rates that can go down over time, free financial tools, resources and free credit monitoring. Elevate’s suite of groundbreaking credit products includes RISE, Elastic, and Today Card. For more information, please visit